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Challenges to adopting 'breakthrough' building technologies.
We bagan our work in the adoption of innovative building technologies over five years ago, and quickly gained insights into product category advancements that offer a quantum leap forward. These technologies "disrupt" the way we see our world, and require us to re-learn what we know about building systems.

After identifying these "breakthrough" building technologies, we started working with the architects, engineers, building owners and managers to facilitate adoption of these disruptive technologies. We discovered that there were significant challenges to adoption:
  • buidling owners/managers want state-of-the-art technologies
  • architects, engineers and designers demand time-proven solutions
  • manufacturers of 'disruptive' technologies are at risk of time-to-adopt
Building managers challenged us to bring them innovation. We worked with the manufacturer to understand their motivation to innovate. We experienced the risk facing the specifier in considering technologies before they had been proven over a decade or more.

Frustrated by the chasm dividing the three entities, Nectar Partners became adept at closing this gap through market research, technology validation, and end user education. Over time, we saw success in getting new technologies adopted in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and the Middle East.
Applying our learing to the practice of sustainability.
While experts on both sides of the political fence agree that energy saving has become a critical issue, we observed early effrots to place an LED tube into a fluorescent fixture. This often required cutting the ballast leads and negating the product's UL rating...a potential insurance nightmare. Of course, without the appropriate heat synch and driver, these expensive units failed within months.

All this energy-saving market buzz was quickly creating a green market numbness.

Aided by the growing awareness that inaction to curb our culture's insatiable demand for fossil-fueled energy would create hardship for future generations, we committed to leverage what we learned to accelarate adoption of clean technologies.

We apply rigorous standards to investigate and test clean technologies before we connect them with specifiers and facility managers. By discovering where the technology "fits", we establish high profile regional case studies. After time, these case studies become evidence of the clean technology's strengths and weaknesses in real-world situations. Through this methodology, we achieve our primary mission: to accelerate the adoption of energy saving technologies for a more sustainable future.

To date, we have fully investigated LED luminaries and digital control technologies, with installations in Central New York and Connecticut. After thousands of hours of operations, failure testing and energy audits, we can state that the future of whole-building LED lighting is here. Investigations into solid oxide fuel cells, wind turbines, and active glass technologies are underway.

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