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Lowers the risk of clean technology adoption.
Schedule a demonstration in your office to learn about the building technologies that we have investigated.
Educating building owners on the ROI of clean technology.
Building owners, developers and managers have to contend with complex issues during a construction, renovation or retrofit project:
  • Planning Phase: what investent is practical given the local market conditions?
  • Building Phase: Change orders and schedule delays lead to cost overruns.
  • Operation Phase: Will the building perform as designed? Will tennants be satisfied? Will my investment be returned?
With the advent of the USGBC's LEEDTM program, as well as the Minergie® program overseas, awareness about energy savings and indoor environmental quality has grown exponentially. At the same time, the industry is seeking validation of design specification strategies through energy measurements — data that proves a building’s ecological benefits are reducing consumption and costs.

Nectar Partners has investigated breakthrough building technologies that not only deliver tremendous energy savings, such as 70% reduction in lighting electricty usage, but also provide real-time energy usage reporting.
Advancing specifiers' knowledge of emerging technologies.
Specifiers of building technologies are trusted by their clients to make system design decisions based upon a deep understanding of the science.

With the green building market size expected to reach $135 bilion by 2015 (McGraw-Hill Construction Report: Green Outlook 2011), breakthroughs in the building sciences are happening at a blistering pace.

But which technologies are really changing the ways we’ll design our built environment ten years from now? Which technologies are sound for implementation today? What are the long-term costs of not implementing these techologies now?

Nectar Partners, with over 10 years experience studying the market's reaction to building science advancements in life safety products, has developed a unique approach to creating a sustainable future: we commit thousands of hours to investigate breakthroughs in building sciences and make our knowledge available to decision makers.

We have completed our investigations and found incredible opportunities for the deployment of:
  • Whole-building LED lighting with proven lighting efficacy and life span
  • LED control engines that centralize drivers in the I.T. closet
  • LED luminaires designed specifically for parging garages and lots
We are currently investigating breakthroughs in solid oxide fuel cells, dynamic glass, geo-thermal solutions for urban sites, and bi-polar air ionization.
Working with Nectar Partners
Nectar Partners is available to consult you on your upcoming project needs at a reasonable hourly rate. Simply request a no-cost demonstration in your offices, or through an online webex.

Along with working as consultants for building owners, developers and operators, Nectar Partners is developing AIA certified education to address building science breakthroughs. The course will focus on both successes and failures of past building science advancements to address the challenge: How will we know when it’s safe to bet on a technology breakthrough?

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